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Just Starting

Quickly build your expertise and learn step-by-step what it takes to be successful during your first year of business. 


Struggling with Consistency

Leverage the collective wisdom and support of a group coaching with peers. Achieve more impact, more quickly.

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Need More Help

Develop and implement a strategy that can take the guessing and countless hours of mistakes and stress of your mind so you can focus on your running business. 

Brands come to me when they're ready to take the next step in their business 

Focus on key activities which move your business forward in a strategic way


It's where Taylor came when she was inspired to build a community of like minded travelers. The result? I helped her create a strategy and narrow down her focus & she built a lifestyle brand with over 1,000+ people that embodies entrepreneurship, creative freedom, and being unique.

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It's where She'Neil came when she wanted to impact the struggles of women of color in the beauty industry. The result? A new category of beauty products catered to women of color and has been on national publications like Cosmopolitan, Essence, Nylon, CRWN, FashionBomb Daily, and Mashable.


So, Who Am I?

My Name is Abu, I know what it's like to grind, hustle and build out a dream. 

I help brands build an online footprint by focusing on creating a digital and strategic plan for growth and scale.

Over the last last 7 years, I've worked alongside some of the most recognizable brands in the world, cultivating strategic partnerships, implementing million dollar projects, and building the foundation of those businesses in a new digital world.

Most Recent Clients: Fortune 50, 100, and Fortune 500 companies, Versace, Macy's Incubator,, and many more.

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