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Schedule a VIP Mastermind session to learn how to grow your online presence, increase brand visibility and experience sales growth. Learn the exact growth strategies I used on 50 million dollar projects for Fortune 500 companies and start up brands. With close to a decade worth of experience, you’ll have a condensed action packed 4 hour session to help you scale your business. After our strategy session, we’ll dive deep into implementation around online growth  including marketing activities such as non-paid and paid media (Facebook & Instagram Ads).

Digital Strategist, Abu

Invest in your growth

There comes a time in your business when you’re only a decision away from thriving. You’ve done everything right up to this point and now it’s only a matter of connecting all the dots to allow your business to get to the next level. You know you should be making more, have the right processes implemented, and the right tools set up to operate your business. What you’ve done up to this point has been without much strategy but you know growing requires a sound strategy in place.

Let’s face it, when you do not have a plan, decisions are based on instinct. And decisions based on instincts are often times the ones you wish you had back to redo. Our VIP Day was created to help you put a strategy in place before you hit a ceiling.

What is a VIP Day?

(A) In our VIP session we will breakdown your business to evaluate your current strategy, processes, and business model to ensure you’re heading in the right direction. Then we will go over your paid media strategy.

(B) This session is designed to help you refine your audience, process, and develop a full strategy around your campaign, marketing, targeting, and conversion.

(C) Develop a launch plan for the product or service to generate traffic.

Through our sessions, you’ll gain clarity on how to position your brand to attract the right type of audience and scale your business.

Here’s what you get:

  1. (4) hour session
  2. 2 (30) minute follow up call after our session
  3. Unlimited email support 30 days after our session
  4. Come in and have your VIP day session in person at my office (optional)

When do you need a VIP DAY?

Enroll in a VIP Day when:

  1. You are ready to scale up your business
  2. You know you have a good product or service but not enough visibility
  3. There is uncertainty in positioning your business against its competitors
  4. There is uncertainty about an initiative
  5. You are struggling when it comes to positioning your brand moving forward

DOes this sound like you?

“I know that I’m missing something in order to get to where I want to be — attracting new leads, setting up the right tools, having the proper funnels in place, and making sure i’m reaching my sales goals.”

“I have products and services that would do well if infront of the right people but I feel like my engagement needs to improve in order to scale and impact my bottom line”

“I feel like I’m overworking to bring every dollar into my business”

“I have great reviews on my products and services but not enough qualified leads coming in.”

Schedule Your VIP Day

Apply for a LIVE VIP session if you are ready for the next step in your business and ready for growth

“Abu got my entire life together. Before I came to Abu my biggest obstacle was not knowing where to begin. With so much to do, I felt overwhelmed, stuck, and helpless. After our time together, I was really able to find clarity, with a new perspective and mindset to conquer the tasks in front of me so I could launch my products and services.” -Merlyn, Media Consultant

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$5,000 $2,997     


Understanding where you are today

We kick off your strategy by taking pulse of where you’re at, getting to know your industry and auditing past projects.

Diving in the metrics

We take a deeper dive into the analytics to help you determine what your current audience wants and if that aligns with where you want to go as a business.

Strategize for ROI

We’ll breakdown the strategies and key elements to optimise prior to your next launch to maximise your ROI.

Developing an Implementation Plan 

Your session is concluded with a strategy session to help you create an action plan to implement our suggestions.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Strategy Development or Clarity Audit

Focusing on the business goals and objectives we’ll audit short-term and long-term goals and examine business functions and assess each function to see if the work it does furthers the mission.

  • Lead Generation

How do you get and drive new leads? We’ll audit your current lead magnet, opt-in page and nurture sequence and give suggestions on how to optimise your lead generation funnel so that you can generate more leads and attract an audience that’s ready to buy.

  • Funnel Audit

We’ll do a deep dive session into your funnel. Our goal is to understand where are people getting stuck, how do you move them along the entire funnel, how are you making sure the right people are passing through, and etc.

  • Setting Key Performing Indicators & Conversion Tracking

We identify the most appropriate way to track conversions via Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager and other analytics tools taking into account the constraints of your website, shopping cart and/or landing page platforms.

  • Facebook & Instagram Audit

We’ll review your social channels and dive into growth hacks, campaign development, community development.

  • Tools & Technology

We’ll review what technology and platforms you’re already using and how to better utilise them as well as give suggestions on other platforms you could use where you’re current ones just don’t have the optimal functionality.

Schedule Your Vip Day

$5,000 $2,997     

Let me introduce myself

Over the last few years, I have garnered a great amount of experience working alongside iconic Fortune 500 brands. I have an Illustrative corporate backgrounds where I spent years monetizing everyday corporations and helping them get more revenue and more clients. While I learned my skills in corporate America, they transitioned easily to helping business owners and entrepreneurs plug in the gaps in their income and increase revenue in their passion. I know what it’s like to build out a dream because I’ve done it myself, twice. After leaving corporate, I decided to start my own digital marketing agency, House of Fofanah where we help brands increase brand visibility and sales online. Helping everyday entrepreneurs monetize has been a natural transition from providing the same services for multibillion dollar corporations.

Still have a few questions?

Frequently asked questions

Will the vip day session be enough?

Yes this is enough time to get your questions answered. During our session we will only focus on what matters to you based on your priority and the value it brings to your business. The session will be recorded so after our session you leave prepared to implement everything. If we need to spend an additional few minutes after our session to highlight next steps further then more time will be added.

Is this for begginers or existing entrepreneurs?

This session is helpful for anyone wanting to make consistent income each month. This session is tailored to meet you where you are whether you are just starting or have been running your business for a few years.

What if i can't afford the full payment?

There’s a payment plan option which breaks the one-time payment up into 2 smaller payments.

What if i have more questions after our session?

You’ll have access to me via email after our session to ask any follow up questions from our time together.