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What do you need help with?

Brands come to me when they're ready to take the next step in their business.


It's where Taylor came when she was inspired to build a community of like minded travelers. The result? I helped her create a strategy and narrow down her focus & she built A lifestyle brand with over 1,000+ people that embodies entrepreneurship, creative freedom, and being unique.


It's where She'Neil came when she wanted to impact the struggles of women of color in the beauty industry. The result? A new category of beauty products catered to women of color and has been on national publications like Cosmopolitan, Essence, Nylon, CRWN, FashionBomb Daily, and Mashable.


So, who am I?

My Name is Abu, I know what it's like to grind, hustle and build out a dream. 

I founded my first company at the age of 18. Through the process of building that company, I witnessed first-hand the difficulty of getting started, finding suppliers, building a team, establishing partnerships, and simply trying to serve my clients while trying to make enough money to continue as a business.

It took me over a year to connect the dots and put it all together, and when we did our business grew exponentially. We grew from myself to having 16 employees; being requested for t.v interviews, receiving support from highly notable celebrities and most importantly, doing all this while being profitable.

Over the last last 6 years, I've worked alongside some of the most recognizable brands in the world. With all of my experience, I now focus on building the next generation of talented start-ups and ideas from all around the world. Do you believe you have the next big idea? It's likely that we will be working together to bring it to life. Are you ready?