I’m here to give you the clarity to finally move forward.

Schedule a 60 minute strategy session to help you acquire the right marketing strategy to monetize your business.

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Getting to the next level requires a different set of skills, experience, and strategy. Let's spend the next 60 minutes to outline your next steps.

Here’s how I can help you:

(A) Need input on your marketing strategy. You are ready to launch to the world but need help designing a strategy in place to make sure the launch is successful. Or you are struggling with visibility and driving traffic to your website.

(B) Not clear how Facebook or Instagram ads works. You are looking to run ads for your business but you have no idea where to begin or the best strategy to start making money. You need help from someone with lots of experience running successful ad campaigns so you know what you are doing.

More about me

Hi, Im Abu and I’m a growth strategist. I help brands gain clarity and increase their sales through funnel building, strategy and ads.

Over the last few years, I have garnered a great amount of experience working alongside iconic Fortune 500 brands. I have an Illustrative corporate backgrounds where I spent years monetizing everyday corporations and helping them get more revenue and more clients. While I learned my skills in corporate America, they transitioned easily to helping business owners and entrepreneurs plug in the gaps in their income and increase revenue in their passion. I know what it’s like to build out a dream because I’ve done it myself, twice. After leaving corporate, I decided to start my own digital marketing agency, House of Fofanah where we help brands increase brand visibility and sales online. Helping everyday entrepreneurs monetize has been a natural transition from providing the same services for multibillion dollar corporations.

My clients have been featured in Forbes, Business Insiders, Black Enterprise, Essence, NYLON, DAZED, CRWN, Byrdie, BET, Essence, Cosmopolitan, Mashable, FashionBomb Daily, and many other publications.

What my clients are saying:

“My biggest challenge was getting my thoughts and ideas to make sense enough to fit my business. Working with Abu gave me clarity on the WHAT to truly focus my efforts on. I went from about $900 for a 20 hour monthly retainer to well over $4k secured. You really know how to take our “mental chaos” within business and turn it into a simple step by step process that just makes sense.” – Neosha, CEO of Huncreative


CEO of Huncreative

“I always feel empowered and capable after our sessions together. Abu is very compassionate but he is always very knowledgeable in what he does. He doesn’t just give you the resources that you need or tell you what you he thinks you want to hear, he listens, he understanding and he’s proactive in making sure you’re getting all that you need to be your best self. I now have a full client roster of reputable business and brands and a huge part of that is from working with Abu and incorporating his knowledge and strategy into my business”


CEO of AMber janae creative consulting

Additional Testimonials:

“My biggest obstacle was pin pointing what exact service I wanted to offer my clients. After my time with Abu, I was able to pin point what services I needed to offer to my clients so I wasn’t spreading myself thin trying to do everything. The biggest win for me is being okay with declining services that no longer felt right which allowed me to focus on driving better results with the services I felt comfortable delivering. For anyone on the fence about working with Abu, I would say Abu provides a strategic step by step plan by asking you the right questions for you to get the results you need. Questions that you wouldn’t even think of asking to get to the next level.”

Cheries Carrabon

Content creator

“My biggest was concern was how to create a unique experience for my clients every single time, and it did come true. My favorite part of our session was having personable and passionate conversations that ultimately led to creative strategies to solve an issue with my business.


Mateo Toro

Travel/Lifestyle Photographer & Filmmaker

“Overall, I was stuck. My two biggest obstacles were figuring out what I wanted to offer moving forward (I was overextending myself + evolving as far as interests/skills) and efficiency, way too many administrative tasks. My favorite part about our session is that we ended with clear next steps, things I could implement as soon as the conversation was over that brought immediate impact. If you’re in the process of taking your business to the next level and find yourself struggling and overwhelmed by the process Abu is your guy. He’s not only able to identify what you need but is able to outline a clear plan of action specific to where you are with your business.


Nicolette Graves

Nutrition & Wellness Coach | Product Strategist

“My favorite part of our session was being able to actually speak with someone in person or via video but a real person and then the ability to be specific and set up tasks for me to do. Abu is amazing he is super positive and totally understands business he has tools on line or you could connect with him personally if you are really ready to take it to the next level.”


Janell Wysock

Fashion Designer

I’m here to give you the clarity to finally move forward.

Schedule a 60 minute strategy session to help you (a) refine your offering, (b) develop a marketing strategy, (c) acquire the right ad strategy

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Hi, I'm Abu

And I’m pretty good at this online marketing thing. I’m a Growth Strategist and I help brands increase their visibility, engagement, and sales. As a Nomad Consultant, find me traveling and helping online and local brands worldwide. 

You have so many ideas but you need actionable steps that moVe you forward.

Are you currently in your own way and in your own head?

My clients have been featured in: Forbes, Essence, NYLON, DAZED, CRWN, Byrdie, BET, Essence, Cosmopolitan, Mashable, Fashion Bombdaily, and more.

After having an illustrative career building Fortune 500 companies, it’s my passion to teach everyday entrepreneurs and business founders the step by step on how to build like corporations- profitability and sustainably.






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