Profit First

You love what you do. You love being your own boss and having full control of your day to day and your future. However, you've been struggling to make your business work financially. As a business owner you also understand that business can go up and down. Right now you're unsure whether to continue running this passion of yours or accept reality of closing the doors. 

You have a juggling act to do - finding time to produce products and services for customers, continuing your marketing and advertising efforts going, figuring out how to get paid by customers, and making sure you have enough to continue your business and enough money to survive.  

Over the years I've watched many business owners disappear back to their normal 9 to 5 careers. Many of them possessed an entrepreneurial spirit. They are passionate, intelligent, well rounded, have a good worth ethic along with integrity. If their businesses fail, the reasons generally have little to do with that talent, passion, or ability to make their product or provide their service. Normally, the main reason their businesses fail is because they haven't made any money from it. 


What you do needs to start making some money.

It's important to know how much money your business will require; not only the costs of starting, but the costs of staying in business. It is important to take into consideration that many businesses take a year or two to get going. This means you will need enough funds to cover all costs until sales can eventually pay for these costs.  New business owners often don't understand cash flow or underestimate how much money they will need for each month/year and they are forced to close before they've even started.

Turning a profit takes time.

The truth is many business owners genuinely don’t know how to go from idea to profit. They get stuck, caught up in the daily grind and all they can see are the problems and challenges of owning a small business. Just because it doesn’t happen overnight doesn’t mean you lack the ability to make it happen in the future. You may just need to implement the right strategies to get you there.

To do this, you need to understand the value proposition you're creating. It's critical you understanding the value of your product or service and what your customers are willing to actually pay for it. 

Money is the lifeblood of a business

Determining the types and sources of revenue your business will generate is the first step toward realizing a profit. You should be taking your financial blood pressure on at least a weekly basis. Here are a few questions to think about:

How much money are you spending? How does that compare to your plan? Are you spending the way you planned to spend?

  • You have been struggling with developing the right strategy to generate income.
  • You need to develop a solid business model and establish disciplined execution.
  • You're unsure about what to price your product/services or how it compares to your competitors.


After our time together, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain your revenue and pricing model. 

  • Estimate how many customers you expect to have, how many sales you’ll likely make to each one, and how often you will make those sales—daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.

  • Think through production and distribution clearly.
  • Establish your businesses bread and butter.
  • Identify your sales channel and how to build different income streams.

How it Works

After you submit payment and the intake questionnaire, we start with an intro call designed to help me understand your business model, profit goals, current strategies and challenges. Are you selling to the right customers? Have you positioned your brand accurately to your customers?


Then, I will take time to do my own audit on your business, website. I well send you over a Products/Services Audit sheet with my gatherings and reccomendations.

After the audit is outlines, we'll get on another phone call to talk it through and create a profit strategy for your business moving forward.

Profit First

  • 2 (1) Hour Consultation Call
  • Products/Services Audit
  • Develop Pricing Strategy

Ready To Work Together?

In two powerful sessions, you’ll have the clarity you need to move forward and start reaching the right people.

Investment $497



"My biggest concern was how to create a unique experience for my clients every single time. My favorite part of our session was having personable and passionate conversations that ultimately led to creative strategies to solve an issue with my business. Abu understands how to translate effectively complex strategies into simple solutions." - Mateo,