Planning to use ads for Your next launch?

Get the ultimate launch checklist and learn exactly what you need to have ready before you can start advertising.

Planning TO USE ADS FOR Your next launch?

Get the ultimate launch checklist and learn exactly what you need to have ready before you can start advertising.

So You've Launched Now What?

After months of hard work, designing and building your product, you launch. You start your launch off, overly excited to share it with everyone and anyone. And then…crickets.

Every day that goes by with no sales makes you question yourself and your offer more and more. And your disappointment grows.

I know what it feels like when your launch doesn't go as planned.

Trust me, I've been there. Build it and they will come is a nice idea but I'm afraid it's going to take a bit more work than that. With all the time invested, you can't just stop at the launch hoping your ideal audience finds their way to you.

Facebook has over one billion active users - are you reaching the right ones?

Today, I’ll help you out with that. I have been running Facebook ads for clients and my own business since 2014 and I know what it takes to create and launch a profitable campaign. With Facebook ads you’ll be able to bring in new leads, build out your email list, target your competitors fans, and most importantly get in front of billions of people each day.

Imagine if..

…You had a proven, repeatable system to generate as many leads and sales on autopilot

… You were able to grow your business, spending as little as $5 a day on advertising

… You never have to worry about how to reach new people who need what you offer? 

Seems almost hard to believe right? Well, let me tell you what I’ve realized from my previous launches. 

The success of your launch is dependent on getting in front of people who are likely to buy.

And with Facebook ads you can get in front of the right audience, and get lazer focused on building your launch the right way.

If you don’t already have a customer base, you need to build one.

Watch my #PowerYourLaunch class below

Watch my #poweryourlaunch class


How to use facebook ads to promote your launch (i.e online course, webinar, product, service, events, etc.)


I’ll walk you through the strategy behind using ads to build your email list, and crafting the proper system in place.


Learn this simple method to identify the EXACT people you want to reach

“Abu is always great at the analytical details of things you should be doing. Having the big picture is great, but to get the next steps make a tasks easier to do.”
– Taylor Clark
Director of Digital Media & Marketing at Avanti Mansion 
Featured on the Gary Vee Show
“Abu helped me set up my first two ad campaigns. With his guidance, we walked through the Facebook ad creation system and I learned how to properly set up a campaign, ad set, and ad. He also provided me with ad creation best practices that were also useful. The ads that I set up with his help were successful and resulted in increased event attendance and brand awareness.”
– Imani Parker-Fong
Client Solutions at Facebook
“Abu got my entire life together. Before I came to Abu my biggest obstacle was not knowing where to begin. With so much to do, I felt overwhelmed, stuck, and helpless. After our time together, I was really able to find clarity, with a new perspective and mindset to conquer the tasks in front of me so I could launch my products and services.”
– Merlyn Oliver
Media Maven at BK Fashion Mavens
“Abu helped me put my launch strategies in place. My biggest obstacle was wrapping my brain around the proper strategy for a funnel. He helped me think through my funnel and what valuable opt in incentive to provide and how to generate leads and make sales. With his help, I was able to create a funnel strategy that can be tested and tweaked for other products. I left with a solid to-do list, several opt-in incentives, and the proper strategy to implement and reach my goals.”
– Michelle Perez
CEO of Michelle Perez Events

meet your ad strategist

Hi, I'm Abu

I run a digital marketing agency where I help companies and business founders use paid media to implement profitable strategies to increase their online presence, generate new leads, and put their selling on autopilot.

 I’m also the creator of Power Your Launch which is an 6 week online course that helps people create and launch profitable ad strategies to boost their launches.  

After having an illustrative career building Fortune 500 companies, it’s my passion to teach everyday entrepreneurs and business founders the step by step on how to build profitably like corporations.

More about me

Present day:
Started my own digital marketing company to help consult and run paid media for small business owners and corporate companies

After years of working in corporate and wall street, I finally said good bye to start my own journey with all the skills that I've developed and relationships I've built.

Received my first feature which would change the trajectory of my life forever.

Started my first business at 18 with the help of a lot of great mentorship, sponsorship, and teachers.

Power Your Launch

What you need to know, to get started: Learn how to generate new leads, target your ideal customers, and increase your audience engagement.

Want to book me one-on-one?

Want my help creating and/or scaling your business using paid traffic, particularly Facebook advertising? 

If you’d like to get in touch with me about anything other than working with me to manage your paid traffic or bringing me in to consult, please use the contact form.

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