EP 5: Leap of Faith, Building an Agency and Finding Balance With Renee Bull

EP 5: Leap of Faith, Building an Agency and Finding Balance With Renee Bull


Are you having a hard time growing your sales?

Meet the bulldog of Facebook Ads, Renee Bull!

Renee Bull is a Facebook Ads Specialist, known as the Helpful Digital Marketer within her online network. She is the founder of RCB Agency specializing in helping online businesses increase their profit and digital footprint in and outside of their current reach by producing Facebook Ads. Renee’s mission is to help over 100,000 small businesses utilize Facebook Ads in their marketing through her online courses and personalized management. Renee services high-level clients like online experts and business coaches while achieving well over 500% growth in profits for their businesses. She’s been featured in publications such as Entrepreneur, Magenta Edge, T-Mobile, Rising Tide, and so many more for her unique approach to scaling online businesses with Facebook Ads!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why leaps of faith are necessary in entrepreneurship
  • The importance of work life balance in entrepreneurship
  • Things Necessary to build an agency
  • Why its necessary to create the life you want
  • The importance of being always learning in your field

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Written by

Abu Fofanah