EP 31: [Powered Chat] Q&A with Special Guest Kyara of Charm City Buyers

EP 31: [Powered Chat] Q&A with Special Guest Kyara of Charm City Buyers

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Our last episode with Charm City Buyers was so good that I decided to bring them back for a LIVE Q&A session on this week’s Powered AF Powered Chat. Tune in as we listen to the audience and answer all of the questions many people may have towards real estate, entrepreneurship and more.

This episode is just loaded with details and specifics. Step by step guides on how they got their first property, flipping their first 3 unit shell property, assigning and managing responsibilities, playing to your partner’s strengths and supporting through their weaknesses.

If you’ve tuned into our previous episode (Episode 30: Real Estate, Marriage, and Relationships with Kyara and Khalil of Charm City Buyers) then this is the cherry on top. So grab your notebook, clear your schedule and soak up all of these amazing real estate gems!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Here live questions from people who are interested in getting into real estate
  • Learn the importance building relationships 
  • Tips on how to start in real estate 

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Written by

Abu Fofanah