EP 30: Real Estate, Marriage, and Relationships with Khalil and Kyara of Charm City Buyers

EP 30: Real Estate, Marriage, and Relationships with Khalil and Kyara of Charm City Buyers

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We’re back with a very very special Powered AF episode! I got the chance to sit with Kyara Gray and Khalil Uqdah, the faces behind Charm City Buyers, a community focused, online wealth building community that not only encourages but teaches people how to invest in properties and utilize the many resources available to property buyers.

We dive into Charm City Buyer’s origins, early career goals and  what motivated them to start their real estate venture in Baltimore versus a more popular location and much more. Kyara and Khalil’s story is a strong tale of balance between love and business. Alongside being business partners Kyara and Khalil are also married with a child. They hold nothing back as they tell us the trials associated with managing it all from such a young age and major lessons that any business owner can apply!

Real estate has always been a staple career path to ensure financial freedom and to step into the world of entrepreneurship. This episode is special because not only do we get a glimpse into how real estate works, Kyara & Khalil give us countless gems for anyone looking to enter the field. From starting at zero to managing millions in real estate grants and more, Charm City Buyers is not just a major success story but a blueprint to apply in any industry!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode: 

  • Introduction to how to start your real estate portfolio  
  • How to use real estate to become financially free
  • The importance of building relationships
  • Tips for building a business with your romantic partner

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Written by

Abu Fofanah