EP 27: [Powered Chat] My Favorite Lead Magnets (Part 5)

EP 27: [Powered Chat] My Favorite Lead Magnets (Part 5)

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We’re back for this week’s Powered AF Powered Chat! We close out our 5 part conversational series with Katona Payne,owner of Build A Boss, a business strategy and development brand. Closing out this series we talk about my favorite lead magnets and how to use them. For any unfamiliar, lead magnets are strategies that attract potential customers towards your business and bring you one step closer to making a sale. 

In this episode I give pointers on using a few cost effective products that you can potentially offer to audiences that’ll bring you more traction and sales. Often we overlook the knowledge of our customers on the products or services we provide and when doing that we miss out on important things we can offer our audience. We touch bases on how to make these strong leads and more in this week’s Powered Chat.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The power of lead magnets 
  • How to draw traction to your business 
  • How to offer ebooks to grow your business 
  • How discount codes actually increase profit

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Abu Fofanah