EP 23: [Powered Chat] Facebook iOS Updates and Data Privacy Laws How to Navigate the Landscape Today (Part 3)

EP 23: [Powered Chat] Facebook iOS Updates and Data Privacy Laws How to Navigate the Landscape Today (Part 3)

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In this week’s Powered AF Powered Chat we’re back for part 3 of our 5 part series with Katona. This episode is all about staying up to date with the ever changing IOS updates and data privacy laws. As the digital space changes, business owners need to know how to maneuver and keep business growing through unpredictability. Businesses that succeed are not the ones that stick to their guns and remain solid but the ones that are most open and adapting to change.

Katona and I discuss how I personally have adapted to these policy changes and whether I think Facebook is still the way to go for digital advertising. As privacy laws become a major concern in today’s climate the issue is not about one particular platform’s tools but rather the entire industry of advertising. Tomorrow’s advertising features on platforms such as Facebook will not be as good as they are today so you must take advantage.

When I originally started advertising nearly a decade ago any advertised post could get some sort of traction. As sweet as those days were, they will not be returning. Today’s focus is on creators and constant content so no longer can just one winning ad stay championed. We go over these changes and also discuss how to best position yourself in this ever-changing digital space.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How to adapt to the changes of Facebook Ads
  • Facebook new privacy laws
  • How facebook is making you work harder for the acquisition 
  • The importance of having quality content

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Written by

Abu Fofanah