EP 16: Overcoming Adversity, Loss, to Building a Successful Beauty Company with Lenoria Addison

EP 16: Overcoming Adversity, Loss, to Building a Successful Beauty Company with Lenoria Addison

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Do you have an amazing product but are having a hard time with marketing? 

Meet Lenoria!

In today’s Powered AF episode we meet with Lenoria Addison, the founder of Cazza, a pre-launched DTC beauty brand. Lenoria’s professional experience spans from digital, social to influencer marketing. She’s spent the last 8+ years launching and producing digital content and branded campaigns. She’s worked with notable brands such as Samsung, eBay Fashion, Target, FX, Snapchat, Taco Bell and more. 

Lenoria’s story is anything but common. She’s managed to build a successful business in the face of adversity. We talk about her early upbringing, family struggles, battling loneliness and what was the spark that made her leave corporate America and venture into the unknowns of entrepreneurship. We learn her major takeaways from time spent working with big brands and how they can help you better understand growing your business.

The topic of finding your uniqueness and edge in a saturated market is discussed as we learn more about her beauty brand Cazza and what she does to stay ahead of the pack and lessons that you can apply to finding your own niche!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How to build a successful beauty company  
  • Tip on launching successful brand campaigns
  • How to use your struggles to fuel your passion
  • How to leave corporate america and start your own business
  • Tips on finding your niche in saturated markets

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Written by

Abu Fofanah