EP 15: [Powered Chat] Mindset Shift to Dream Bigger with Teri Ijeoma and Verick Wayne

EP 15: [Powered Chat] Mindset Shift to Dream Bigger with Teri Ijeoma and Verick Wayne


We’re back with another Powered Chat episode! This time I brought in my good friends Verick Wayne @verickwayne and Teri Ijeoma @teriijeoma. Verick is a leading Marketing and Sales Consultant who helps entrepreneurs create premium priced programs and services. Teri, whom we had the pleasure of recently interviewing (If you missed check that out below), is a stock trading guru who teaches other investors how to create financial freedom from anywhere in the world.

In this short but sweet Powered Chat, right off the bat we jump into life discussions, journeys and how everything can change within the span of just a year. Everything’s attainable; the dream house, the cars and the wealth but the question is are you willing to do the work? What are you willing to give up in order to get things you’ve never had? How do you overcome mental obstacles that block your own personal progression and what to do once you achieve your first set of goals.

Teri, Verick and I sit and answer these viewer submitted questions and more in this extremely informative episode. So grab a notebook, find a comfortable space and tune in! The road to success is a constant re-evaluation of where you’ve been and more importantly where you’re going!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode: 

  • How to start building a business 
  • How to scale for your business 
  • How to make your first seven figures
  • What mentality you need to become multi-millionaire
  • Exclusive content inside tips from entrepreneurial gurus 

Featured on the Show:



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Written by

Abu Fofanah