EP 14: Faith, Family and Fitness with Chelcie Scott

EP 14: Faith, Family and Fitness with Chelcie Scott


Are you having trouble reaching your physical and mental goals? 

Meet Chelcie!

In this episode we meet with Chelcie Scott, the CEO of Sweat It Off. Chelcie Scott is a fitness & sports performance coach who specializes in high-intensity, interval training. When not training she’s inspiring through her social platform @chelcie.scott and uplifting women by helping them overcome physical, mental, and spiritual barriers.

We dive in and get into the details behind her upbringing and inspiration towards creating Sweat It Off,  life as a mother/business owner and how she manages both. We go over the definition of success, whether we think there is an end goal to the things we passionately pursue and how she addressed the feeling of imposter syndrome as her business grew.

With training being her focus, Chelcie gives her honest opinion on the importance of working out, how it can benefit you in ways outside of the gym and key tips to help you include physical fitness into your busy life routine. This is a great episode for anyone struggling to maintain a healthy work-life balance!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why Physical health is important for success
  • Tips on how to build social media around physical fitness
  • Some inspiring quotes from Chelcie
  • How to make a positive impact while also growing a business
  • How to balance work and and entrepreneurship

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Written by

Abu Fofanah