Official Launch Date

I finally have an official launch month and dates for House of Fofanah and I’m excited to share it with you ALL. I will be launching the business on January 9th and 16th!! Let me explain why there’s two launch dates.

What is

Before I get to the two launch dates maybe you’re new to the website and this is the first time you’ve heard about us. Welcome and I’m hoping I could be your coach through the journey of creating a profitable business. My name is Abu Fofanah and I help entrepreneurs and small to medium size companies grow profitable businesses (Click here to find out more about me).

November 8th, 2016 I decided it was time to leave my job

I was climbing the corporate ladder of success. Here I was, a young black man in the technology field with an opportunity to change not only my life but my families. This was the perfect opportunity, a rarity, something parallel to the American Dream that my family left a war for and my mother came to search for her children. Some might say I was a unicorn, the way I was able to prolong internship after internship into a full time role or my ability to network and grow relationships with not only my peers but top executives of the firm. This was a great opportunity, this was the perfect job, but it wasn’t my dream. (Click here to learn more about how I knew it was time to quit my job)

Why Entrepreneurship

Originally, I was an entrepreneur at heart. I started my first business at the age of 19 while I was still in college and within a year grew it and had 16 employees. We were profitable, doing well and recognized by celebrities, local, national, and international newspapers, and the greater community. I would later go on to recieve recognized by Business Insider as a top entrepreneurial students.

Normally people leave they’re corporate job to start a business. But I left entrepreneurship for an opportunity in corporate to work alongside a group of people that were doing incredible things in the world of technology. After learning all that I could I decided it was time to return back to entrepreneurship.

(Click here to read more information about why I launched this website

Now I’m back to use what I’ve learned to help coach young brands and provide resources to help them grow.


January 9th and 16th It’s finally official! January I will be launching a platform that provides resources and courses to help entrepreneurs transform their brand and becomeprofitable. There are 3 programs that will be part of House of Fofanah:

  1. Online school – Take some of our online courses
  2. Incubator Program- 12 week program
  3. Accelerator Program – 9 week program