Answering the question

An even harder question for me to answer these days. Matter of fact, it’s always been hard to answer that specific question of: What do you do? (I mean I do a lot of things, duh, don’t you know already?) I mean seriously, this is a hard question for me to answer. Let me explain..

In the past when people asked me what do I do? I had an array of answers I could chose from depending on that person. If they were an entrepreneur I could tell them I was an entrepreneur as well. If they worked in corporate I could tell them I worked in corporate as well. All the things are true but it depends on who I’m talking to at the moment. However, since leaving my job it’s harder to identify what exactly I do. I’ve been so fortunate to have so many experience since a young age and have so many tools and knowledge under my belt that I can do a little bit of everything. But that’s not the best answer to this question. People like hearing something specific, something they’re familiar with so they can say, “Yes, I’ve heard of that company, they are such a great company to work for, you must be doing well”.

I’ve also decided when you’re in a transition in life it’s easier to just tell people your past experience because they’ll just leave you alone. So I continue to stick with something they’re familiar with while working on my own business.

It is day 27 since I decided to leave my job and things are starting to pick up, I’m starting to get an idea of where I belong and can add the most value.