Looking back it’s so easy to critique all the things you could’ve done but you’re usually not experiencing the same emotions you had in the moment. Maybe I should have done things differently. I shouldn’t have said this or done that. I should of been more patient and waited longer before leaving my job. Could I have handled the situation differently?

I spent a good amount of time today reflecting on why I decided to leave because later I knew later today I would be meeting up with an older friend whose in a similar situation. I wanted to be able to give her the best response and something that would be applicable to her situation. I didn’t want to make it complicated and get into too many details that were irrelevant to her life. I wanted to keep it simple so I focused on the needle: What are the driving factors that will allow you to succeed. I knew the biggest reason why I left is because I was unfulfilled and it was difficult for me to see my impact or value. These were the driving factors in my life and looking back these factors determined whether I succeeded or just managed to get through things.

So, what is her driving factors of her life? Is it money, health benefits, time, flexibility, impact, or etc? I’m not sure but that’s what I’m hoping she is able to reflect to find out these answers. I believe understanding them will better guide her into finding her own definition of happiness.

What are the driving factors of your life? What are you not willing to give up? Let me know below in the comments section below.