The rain doesn’t help

When you’re in a slump everything happening around you gets under your skin just a little bit more.. The rain doesn’t help either. Have you ever listened to the rain? Not when you’re forced to lay down at night to get some sleep but during the day when you have nothing to do. It forces you to think about everything happening around you and to you. It’s sometimes difficult to slow your mind from racing..and when you just left your job the last thing you want to do is doubt whether you made the right decisions.

Today is day 24 of being unemployed and the doubt begins to creep in because you’re not seeing enough progress. I spent the day working on both websites: and (Click here to read more about my goals for the two and the progress).

I know I’m making progress because things are being checked off but at the same time I’m questioning my direction and vision for the two platforms I want to launch. I think this is normal but I’m not quite sure. It’s too early to tell the final direction of the two platforms but I believe i’m on the right track from the feedback I’ve received thus far.

Follow up on my blog post this Saturday when I’ll be announcing the official launch date for House of Fofanah. I can’t wait to share it with the world! (Click here to be taken to Day 28: Official Launch Date of