Finding a job is easy but finding the right fit can be difficult

I never said I couldn’t find another job, I’m just trying to find the right fit. Since leaving my job 23 days ago, I’ve received a few job interviews from various companies. Today I received another job offer, but I just know it’s not the right fit. The difference between getting a job and finding the right fit is how much you’re willing to put into it. What I learned from having a job is that it’s not enjoyable and it’s not something you’re looking forward. What my friends taught me that found the right fit is that you feel like you’re valued and you look for ways to go above and beyond.

Try as much as you can

Finding the right fit for some is easy and for others it’s more difficult. A suggestion is make a list of things that interest you and try as much as you can. Being able to cross of things on your list and circle ones that you enjoyed can help you in finding the right fit. Now this may not work all the time as circumstances can sometimes dictate the right fit. Also remember, the right fit can be temporary. As we continue to grow, change occurs and we may pivot jobs and careers.

What advice can you give others when it comes to finding the right fit? I’m interested in knowing your thoughts and engaging with you in the comments below.