Girard College Partnership

A few months ago I did a video with Girard College that finally debut today. The video highlights my experience at Girard and how it has impacted my life and career since. It was put together by some great and talented individuals (seriously, my story couldn’t have been captured any better.)

Girard has meant so much to me since my mother enrolled me. I gave her a difficult time about it because I already had all my friends I thought I would need in life; plus I didn’t want to switch school because that would mean I would be leaving them all behind. Little did I know going to Girard College was the best thing for my life (shout out to moms!). It helped shaped me and turned me into the man I am today. I learned so much from the school, professors, and all the other faculty who played a part in guiding me (shout out to The Duke of Edinburgh program and Alpha Boule).

Seeing the video this morning really gave me the energy needed to start the day. I’m currently at another pivotal moment in my career and trying to connect the dots. I know I’ll be okay because of the skills I’ve been able to learn at Girard and develop at University.

Here is the video below:


Here is my social media post about it:

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Facebook Post


 Engagement and Playback

When I posted the video on Instagram I was surprised and overwhelmed by the responses and engagement that it received. I received messages in my inbox, email, and other social platforms. I’m just grateful that Girard gave me the opportunity to share my story. I know I am one story out of the many who’ve attended the institution.