Looking for laughter

There’s this perception that when you’re going through something it’s better to go at it alone. I never once believed in that way of thinking. The most important time to be surrounded by people you love is when you’re going through difficulties in your life. For me, I just left my job and didn’t quite have it all figured out. Spending time with the people I love has given me the support that I need to get through.

Game Night

My friends and I use to always get together for game night back in high school. When college began, we only would get together during the holidays and now since we’re all grown-ups now it barely ever happens. Today was different however and we were all coming together to catch up and enjoy each others company. I needed it. There was food, drinks, prizes, friends of friends and a lot of laughter.

It felt like old times, it really did. And during those few short hours I didn’t think about anything. My problems disappeared and all that mattered was the love around me not the fear of failing.

When you’re going through something it’s important to have surround yourself with people you love. They allow you to be you. They don’t care about what you do, where you’ve been, or what’s next; they care about who you are as a person, your health, and hearing the sound of your laughter.

How do you handle adversity?