The Holidays Bring People Together

As you get older you notice that it’s only around the holidays when you get to see and spend time with some individuals. It’s usually what you look forward to each year, to catch up with old friends from out of town that you grew up with to see what they’re up to and how life has treated them. It’s always a lot of fun and it’s usually filled with a lot of reminiscing about old times.

Today I got to spend time with two very good friends I grew up with in Philly. It was great to see them and we spent more time laughing than talking (Don’t you just love when that happens). At first, I thought it felt exactly like old times and everything was perfect. However, I realized how different we’ve grown to be the more amount of time we spent together. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but I just knew a lot had changed between all of us.

Life happens. When you spend time away from people for long periods of time you’re usually missing out on some area of growth taking place in their life. I knew this was the case as I hadn’t seen them in a few years due to our schedules. I tried not to harp on our new differences but remained opened to learning more about them and more importantly, trying to strengthen our relationship to where it use to be.

(I tried not to spend too much time working today on the computer..but it happened..)