Let Them Eat Cake

My mother has always been my single biggest inspiration and without her I wouldn’t be the person I am. I knew things weren’t easy for her. I mean we left a war stricken country to come to America. She had her hands full trying to raise me, let alone my six other siblings in a world that I don’t believe give women the same opportunity as men to succeed. Especially minority women.

When it comes to providing the proper resources women need to succeed, I don’t believe we always do a good job. Since I was raised by a single parent, my mother, I saw many of the hardships and opportunities she didn’t have access to because of her gender. Therefore, any opportunity I get to move the cause forward I’ve made sure I went above and beyond to make sure we are ALL given the same opportunities.



When Cierra approached me about sponsoring a women empowerment Autumn Tea Party & Luncheon Let Them Eat Cake 2016, I gladly accepted. I took my own personal money and backed the mission. And then found out so did Nordstrom and many others. Let Them Eat Cake brought together 100 phenomenal women all around the community who are achievers, dreamers, visionaries, leaders, owners and creators with the theme of embracing, encouraging and empowering each other over tea and small bites.

Today I attended the event and it was incredible (yes I may have been the only guy in the room). I came there to speak to a group of 100 women about why I decided to sponsor this event and why I would do it again.

(The panel included Thrillaseven, Milano Di Rouge, Nathalie Nicole, Ivy Coco, NKC)

(The panel included Thrillaseven, Milano Di Rouge, Nathalie Nicole, Ivy Coco, NKC)