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Coming back down to earth

Growing up in a poor neighborhood we just ate what was available. And most times it was very unhealthy but that’s what was affordable. There was no debate to take place because these decisions were always final. This has always been a huge problem in society in general. I always say Whole Foods is a great option when you have Whole Foods type of money. But when you’re trying to figure out where your next meal is going to come from and money is limited the most sense is to lean on fast food. I always thought, if I had more money I would take better care of myself, but the issue wasn’t more money it was using my time better.

Living out of a suitcase

When I began working my lifestyle drastically changed. I was a technology consultant and my job required me to travel every week, for the last two years. At first, it was amazing but after awhile it can take a toll on you. The great part (the only part) about always being on the road was the food. I was able to eat from restaurants I couldn’t even pronounce. Every night was an adventure, if you can think of the place I probably ate there many times. Life was great and I never thought about health- I was more curious about which five star restaurant I was going to show up at.

Life on the road was different and eating out every night didn’t help. One of the disadvantages of being on the road all the time is you can’t dictate what you’ll be eating. Yes, this was a result of group thinking. Thoughts that were picked up from hanging around other consultants, the less time spent thinking about food the more time you could commit to working. I know it sounds insane, but this is the life of a consultant living out of his suitcase.

Developing bad habits

There were a lot of bad habits that developed over the course of those two years. I went from thinking I needed more money to eat healthier to having all the money I needed and I still didn’t treat my body well. There was one big conclusion I came to realize: I need better access to information about healthy eating.

Making the transition

Every major change in your life which impacts your finances, I highly recommend reconfiguring your expenses. Usually the on the top of your expenses list is eating. Because I just went through a major I spent today planning my diet and the expenses associated with healthy eating.

I’m currently browsing the internet looking for articles, apps, or advice on healthy eating on a budget. I quickly thought about my good friend Stefani Papas who is a registered dietitian and runs a nutrition blog (I highly recommend subscribing to her website by the way to receive her monthly newsletters packed with so much good information and great alternatives. Be careful, you may get hungry looking at the pictures on her page.) There were a few post I ran into about changing your diet and changing your lifestyle.

Here’s more about Stefani:




Small changes make a big impact

What I love most about her website it that I can see myself doing the things she recommends. They are small changes and she doesn’t write to the audience that has an unlimited amount of money, so it speaks to me perfectly.

What are some bad habits that you are working on? What are some good ones that you have developed? I’m really curious to know and engage with your further in the comments below.

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