gym workout

I usually start and end my day with some type of workout. Since I left my job I stopped doing everything all together. The gym is my sanctuary, it’s where I come to not only release stress but to gather my thoughts and think through things. I think I once read from Arnold’s s story is that working out is mostly mental, it has nothing to do with how strong you are.

But mentally, I was distraught with everything going on; so you can imagine how today’s session was difficult. It was difficult because life was being difficult to me- so the weights were a little bit heavier, the treadmill a little bit faster, and the air in the room a little bit thinner.

Half an hour into the workout I stopped making excuses. Here Is a great opportunity for me to start putting my health first. Working out has always been part of my DNA ; but over the last year, I’ve done it more so as a stress reliever rather than treating it as a shift to a healthier lifestyle.

Getting back in the gym consistently won’t be something I consider a challenge. Rather getting control of my diet will be my most difficult challenge.

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