career change

It’s about 3:14 am and I’m still up. The last thing I’m thinking about is sleep. With more time on my hands my number one priority should be thinking about living a healthier lifestyle. In my previous life, I spent most of the time on the road and eating out every night (not too many healthy options). But how can I? I just left my job and the last thing I’m thinking about is spending money to keep up an unhealthy lifestyle.

I haven’t been able to sleep since deciding to take the next step in my life and career. I’ve been averaging about 2-2.5 hours of sleep (this is not a brag, this is very unhealthy). But isn’t this what I wanted? The goal was to find fulfillment right? I’m not sure anymore at what fulfillment means and if this is how you find it?

When I think about fulfillment I think about finding something you love to do and being paid to do what you love. Unrealistic? Yes, maybe. Doable? Absolutely. I see it everyday when I watch tv and see an actor or actress performing. I see it when I see teachers excited to go to work because of the impact they know they are having on their students. Therefore fulfillment is possible. I just need to take more time in figuring out what things are important to me and what areas i’m unwilling to compromise on.

What does the term fulfillment mean to you and have you found it? I’m really interested in learning more and engaging in the comments below.

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