career change

It’s officially 5 days after I put my two week notice in at work. This morning I spent the day hiking the trails over at Valley Forge with a good friend of mine. I broke the news to her and she gave me a look of shock but also happy with my decision because the last we spoke she could see the weight of work on my face and hear it in my voice.

We had an interesting conversation about ideas. We talked about them and why it’s so difficult for people to start, grow or nurture them. Well, what’s actually behind a successful idea or an unsuccessful one. It’s a question I think many people have a difficult time figuring out. I believe you can get closer to the solution through trial and error. I believe having failed better prepares you to nurture new ideas because you’re able to handle it a different way.

The more we spoke about ideas the more I began to think about my own. There’s no doubt in my mind entrepreneurship came to mind when I left my job. I’ve always had ideas that I always test to see if any had the potential. Some were successful and others I learned a lot from. I also thought about how I’ve taken a few years from starting my own idea and instead helping others succeed in their ventures. A goal of mine in the near future is to create a platform that’s both supportive to entrepreneurs and small to medium size business. It’s something special giving others the tools and resources to succeed.

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