Having that conversation can be scary but here’s why you need it

The reason why it’s never a good idea to burn bridges is because you never know when you might cross paths again with that person or company. In my case, I was leaving one of the most recognizable and trusted companies in the world and leaving on bad terms wouldn’t have been great. Again, it’s not that I’m forever shutting the door when I decided to leave, I know that’s not the case because I truly enjoyed more aspects of the company then the few things that drove me to leave. I was being selfish with my career and trying to find what else is out there for me. It had more to do with my desires then the company itself.

Today, I made sure to start calling everyone that I had worked with to just thank them for the opportunity to get to know and work with them. Some of them knew me as an intern and others as a young man but all of them helped in molding me to who I am today. They were sad that I was leaving but also knew in their hearts that it’s okay to go see what else is out there for you. And for that reason alone, I knew not only do these people care about me but they are willing to support me along my journey if it’s not at the company.

If there’s anything I can leave you with is to always leave on good terms, no matter what. At times, it will require you to have the difficult conversations and that’s okay, but be respectful and clear about your intentions.

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