I’m already freaking out!! It’s the second day since I decided to leave my job and I am feeling lost. I am more scared then I am excited believe me. The first person I told congratulated me and it sorta shocked me. I felt like I did something terribly wrong and now I’m front and center accepting an award that I didn’t even know I applied for… Yes thank you very much, I couldn’t have done it without.. Maybe I should repeat it again. I JUST LEFT MY JOB! This time they just looked at me and the cheers grew even louder.

Did I make the right choice? Why does everyone keep congratulating me? Why am I afraid to tell anyone else? Deep down I knew the answer to these questions and it was evident that I was trying to avoid the proverbial question: “so..what’s next?”

Wait. Should you have a plan fully mapped it before you leave your job? I believe it’s highly recommended but I just didn’t have the patience to wait another day, week, or year. I knew how I was feeling and acted on it. There was another thing I also took into consideration: my passion for entrepreneurship.

For some time now, I had been thinking about returning back into entrepreneurship and starting a business idea I had been testing out over the last few years. Looking at the money I saved and my minimal expenses I thought there’s no better time then now to take a leap of faith. I’m also not ruling out working again so I’m just keeping the door open for the right opportunity.

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