Is this the story you’re experiencing right now?

  • You're overwhelmed, frustrated, or feeling alone in your decision-making process.

  • You feel stuck and uncertain about what to do next.

  • You don’t have a plan for your business. You take your work day by day without rest or confidence.

  • You are creating products & services just to throw them out & see what sticks.

  • You're doing okay but sense there is so much more [time, money, opportunity] available to you. 

  • You are foggy & unfocused around your ideas. You second guess your “good” ideas because they don’t have much of a foundation.


 I created a program for you to give you a real boost, and the support you need to kick your business into high gear!

What will you experience?

  • This group coaching program is about building the foundation for your product or service development. 
  • You will collaborate with a small group of like-minded entrepreneurs in the start-up through early growth stages of business.
  • Get on track to deliver your goals with live group coaching every week.

Think about it… how would your business be different months from now if you knew exactly what to do to create your dream online business, how to do it, and took consistent action every month? When you get the right information, support, and accountability you need, amazing things will happen. And running a successful business gets a lot easier.

Together, we'll pull the curtain back, and jump in the trenches of your business!




Understanding your company’s mission, vision, purpose and USP


Leveraging your financial resources wisely


Articulating your brand and how you stand apart from the competition


Understanding key sales and marketing strategies necessary for your growth


Developing sound marketing, business and development strategies


Managing your time, and resources effectively

The Investment

First MontH: Strategy

  • Aligning your Business Vision, Mission, and Big Why
  • Creating a sustainable growth strategy
  • Creating a differentiated value proposition
  • Benchmarking/Metrics

Second MontH: Digital

  • Brand Strategy
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Website

Third Month: Money Talk

  • Fundraising/Raising Capital
  • Increasing sales
  • Converting leads into sales 
  • Building strong partnerships

Sign Up Now!

** Once accepted into the group coaching, price will be a recurring $49 for 3 months


Is this program right for you?

So before you go any further, I’d like to ask…is this you?

    • You understand the value of investing in yourself to get the results you desire.
    • You’re committed to learning the skills you need to build your dream business (even if it’s outside of your comfort zone)
    • You have the time to commit to thoroughly working through each week’s homework and applying the principles to your business strategy. 

    If you’ve been on the fence about one-on-one coaching because of the price or because you’d like to plug in to more brains in a supportive environment, this is the program for you.

    How does this group coaching work?

    In this program, you’ll receive:

    • Weekly group coaching sessions over the next 3 months (Every Monday at 9PM EST)

    • Tools, Templates & Worksheets - To support your self-paced work, you'll receive templates, tools, and worksheets

    • Access to me and to our slack group so you can have access to each other.

    *There are only a few seats in this program. When they’re gone, they’re gone (until next time, of course!). I need to keep the number enrolled extremely low so that I can deliver the support & care that each participant deserves.

    ** Once accepted into the group coaching, price will be a recurring $49 for 3 months