How to meet people where they are: Facebook Location Targeting

How to meet people where they are: Facebook Location Targeting

Targeting Your Perfect Customer

Have you ever wanted to send an ad to someone specific? How about to a company? Well now Facebook has made it easy to target anyone, anywhere, and at any time -- all you need is there address.

Facebooks feature geo-location targeting allows you to target people in a certain area, building, zip code, or vicinity.. yes, I did say building! Let's say, for example, you'll be vending at an expo or convention center, well you could run a video ad to tell people who enter the convention center to come to say hello to you at your booth. This method is at very low cost and highly effective if you know exactly who you would like to target.

Imagine if you developed a new product or service that could help certain existing businesses, well if you have their office address you could target them to make sure you can get infront of them. If you begin to think about all the ways you can use Facebook's geo-location targeting, the possibilities are endless.

What Is Facebook Location Targeting?

Location Targeting on Facebook simply allows us to tell Facebook the relevant geographic locations where we would like to show our ads. Right now, Facebook allows you to target by Country, State (or region, depending on the country), City, Zip/Postal Code, and Business Address.

How does Location Targeting Work?

Location-based targeting, also known as Geotargeting or Local awareness ads, is perfect if you know where your audience will be or if you have a physical location based business.

You will first need to create a new Ad Set for your Campaign and edit your Audience to select a building’s address. You’re radius can be a maximum of 50miles and a minimum radius of 1 mile around the specific address that you enter. You can then add other demographic restrictions to your audience to refine your audience down to a minimum target of 20 people (it could be as low as 1 person but Facebook will always say 20). This means that we now have the option to select specific companies, areas within a city, and even individuals.

Again, you first enter Ad Sets under Audience. In the location option you can choose to type in the address or just drop a pin (like Google Maps).

After inputing the address. You have two more choices to make.

Choice #1 Include or Exclude the people that fall into your radius

Choice #2 Selecting a specific relation people have with this location

a. Everyone

b. People that live here.

c. People traveling here.

d. People who have recently been here.

Using Facebook's Feature with Clients

The local Yoga studio in my neighborhood approached me about ways to increase their brand awareness in the neighborhood to let people know that they exist and to tell them about the current deal to become a member.

I've set up 2 different ads.

A) One video ad showing the Yoga space with a voice-over of someone talking about the studio and all the classes.

B) Retargeting ad giving people a discount (first week free) if they register by a certain date.

I'm using location targeting to find people who live within 2-3 miles of the Yoga studio and also people who live 5 miles or more from the Yoga studio but near public transportation. Using these tactics, I'll be able to drive a higher quality of new members to the studio.



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Written by

Abu Fofanah