Now Open: An Online Business School for Creatives wanting to Learn Business

online business school

The Start of Something New

About 6 months ago, I launched my first online course as a side project. And it went really, really well. So well in fact, that we were profitable after 24 hours. However, four months in, I made a hard decision to close my online course even though we were making money. There were two main reasons.

First, I wanted to focus on improving the course content with the feedback that I received from the initial launch. Second, I wanted to make sure that I provided different methods to learning, because as a student, we all consume information different ways. So we decided to integrate more videos, gifs, live-streams, and yeah, also workbooks, and short form writings.

And then a great idea came to me!

Instead of creating this one course, why don't I build an online business school to teach entrepreneurs and the creative community specific business skills at a discounted rate. (That's when was born) So instead of paying thousands of dollars for a bundled program that are really broad, long, and you may not finish; led my team to focus on creating an online business school that cost less than $99 to start, and are more specific to what you actually want to know.

And I'm happy to announce we've finally Re-opened!

Here are the first 3 courses that's NOW live on our website: 


1. How to Survive Your First Year of Business (FREE COURSE)


2. Jumpstart: Finding Your Next Great Business Idea


3. The Lean Incubator: Launch Your Business Idea off the Ground